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In an effort to continue delivering quality machining options to our customers, our newest equipment purchase is a MAXIEM 1530 Abrasive Waterjet Machining Center.
For customers needing high-precision cutting with fast turnaround this might be the perfect solution. For a variety of thicknesses, and a variety of materials including metals, composites, glass and plastics, the waterjet delivers exact, satin-smooth edges without a need for any oils or solvents. In fact, it is considered an environmental “green” system.
Installation and Training on April 20th. Rush job delivered on April 21st!
Rory Rossini (of White Construction) contacted Magna Machine on April 19th. He needed immediate help with an issue holding up the construction of a new solar facility they were building in Randolph County. They required a total of 756 custom-cut shims to complete the project. The 1/16” galvanized steel shims needed to be 5” x 6” with two 11/16” diameter holes. They needed 224 shims by April 21st.


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