While our machining and design capabilities take center stage, we offer additional value-add services for steps prior to or during the design/build or replace/repair final deliverables. This includes 3D printing a prototype (10 in x 10 in x 12 in cube) for eliminating wasted efforts and materials.

Additionally, with Wire EDM capabilities, sand blasting as well as welding for critical components (include the size dimensions here also) many of our projects can make in-between steps turnkey as part of the overall project. We have a strong versatile staff with the experience to analyze each job, every step of the way-to help ensure the best efficient approach for success.

Trusted Project Partners

It is with years of experience and a consistent team of skilled employees that Magna is able to offer such a diverse set of services. It is with this same experience and knowledge that we have built trusted relationships with companies that focus on more specialized services and processes. With these relationships built through the years, Magna can offer these secondary services with confidence, knowing that when needed, our partners will work with us and our customers seamlessly, and with the same commitment to quality and service.