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There is already a 3D printer on the International Space Station (ISS). If parts can be printed in space, a bag of filament could fill any void available on a rocket, be relatively lightweight, strong enough for space applications, and part of the first manufacturing line in space…

Magna Machine and Tool LogoAt Magna Machine and Tool, we use 3D Printing to assist our clients from the planning stages through design and development cycles. This not only helps to eliminate some of the guesswork, but it also improves communication and collaboration while resolving issues between design and engineering.

With this, the time it takes to get to a final product is compressed immensely. We do all of this at our facilities in New Castle, Indiana, and we have been doing it for years now. 3D printing has come a long way during the past several years, and it is going even further. In fact, it is going to space.

We thought we would share an interesting article we found on (link below) that explains how 3D Printing is being used for extraterrestrial experiments and eventually may even be used to print parts in space, for use in space, on equipment.

So, 3D Printing is real, and we offer it for our clients right here at Magna Machine and Tool. Contact us now for your 3D Printing needs, or to begin working on your next project needing machining, or for turnkey design and manufacturing.

To read the full article, 3D Printing Technology to Pioneer Manufacturing in Space, click here…